Park victorious against Jefferson

Boys’ hockey pummels Jefferson in 6-1 win

After a four game losing streak, Park broke through with a 6-1 blowout victory against Jefferson on Jan. 10.

Boys’ hockey head coach Tyler Brodersen said this win will help energize the team for their upcoming games.

“We’ve been playing some really tough teams recently,” Brodersen said. “Having scored a lot of goals tonight, we played a good game. We did things the right way, and so hopefully we can continue to build on that tomorrow night.” 

According to junior Tony Kruse, before the game, he knew what to expect from the Jefferson team and was ready to face them. 

“I watched a lot of films in this game,” Kruse said. “When I got out there I knew their weaknesses. I basically hit the weight room (and) practiced stickhandling. Everything just worked out my whole body, my mind was all ready to play.”

With sections approaching, Brodersen said playing hard games will help them prepare. 

“It’s just really focusing on our D-zone, trying to push ourselves at practice every day,” Brodersen said. “Internal competition is really important where everybody’s competing with everybody. Again, playing against really good teams and playing those teams prepares you for what comes at the end of the year when the speed really gets faster.”

Junior Sam Fuller said he was confident that the win would help boost the team’s morale and performance in future games.

“The win will help boost the team a lot,” Fuller said. “We’ve been on a four-game losing streak, so we really needed this one.”

According to Kruse, while he was happy with the turnout of the game, he hopes to have more playing time in future ones to improve his performance.

“You get any shifts you can,” Kruse said. “I got one shift, so I just put myself in, but hopefully in practice and in future games I can maybe get some more ice time to perform better.”

The Orioles’ next boys’ hockey game is 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 13 at the New Prague Community Center.