Senior skier competes at State

Sokolowski participates despite feeling ill


Caroline Green

Senior Jackson Sokolowski competes at the State meet Feb. 16.

Waking up the morning of his final State meet with walking pneumonia, senior nordic captain Jackson Sokolowski contemplated if he should compete or not.

According to Sokolowski, he decided to race because it was his final season on the team.

“I was feeling really sick the morning of State but I thought ‘this is  my senior year so I should give it a shot,’” Sokolowski said. “It felt good to be able to be a part of an elite group like that especially since this was my fourth year.”

Athletic director Andrew Ewald said he commends Sokolowski for continuing to participate despite his illness.

“I feel bad for him that on such a big stage he wasn’t feeling his best but I’m also proud of him for at least attempting to ski the first race,” Ewald said. “It just shows a lot of character as he didn’t use it as an excuse not to ski, I wish he would’ve been at his best.”

Sokolowski said he chose to take part in only one of the two races held at State.

“It’s a 5k skate in the morning and a 5k classic in the afternoon. I did the skate in the morning but not in the afternoon,” Sokolowski said. “I finished the first (race) barely, but in between races I was so far back and so far off what I should be I thought it may not be worth it.”

According to Ewald, Sokolowski displayed character in the final race of his career.

“I think it shows that one, it matters quite a bit to him, and that he’s a competitive kid,” Ewald said. “Things aren’t always going to be the way you want them to be as a competitor and it’s something that you can’t control, and he still went forward and gave it his best effort.”

According to Sokolowski, his outcome at his final meet won’t cast a shadow over his recollections of his entire nordic career.

“I don’t think it will effect my memories. I had great times throughout the year and great relationships with my coaches,” Sokolowski said. “It would have be been icing on the cake to have a great performance and possibly be all-state.”