JV team remains despite low numbers

Captains’ practices set expectations for season


Jane Anderson

Freshman Rafe Covin prepares to swing at the ball during captains’ practice. According to head coach David Breitenbucher, the boys’ tennis team will be able to continue having both a JV team and a varsity team this year despite low numbers.

Alec Pittman and Atticus Raasch

Questioning the future of the boys’ tennis program, senior captain Oscar Laing said he feels relieved Park will have a JV team.

“I feel a little better, if we don’t have a JV team it’ll be tough to get kids (to come) back,” Laing said. “(Players) are going to lose interest.”

Head coach David Breitenbucher said a JV aids the tennis program as a whole.

“For reloading for the next year it’d be devastating. You’ve got to have a JV team competing at a certain level,” Breitenbucher said. “You’re going to lose a certain amount of seniors every year, then you have to reload next year with new players.”

Junior Collin Perkins said a JV team provides confidence and affirmation to players.

“It just feels different, you don’t feel like a team, it feels more like a club,” Perkins said. “It’s just 10 people going out to play tennis.”

Laing said he and fellow captain junior Adam Johnson recruited underclassmen successfully through captains’ practices.

“Last year me and Adam tried to connect with the younger kids and underclassmen,” Laing said. “We tried to make sure before formal practices started they knew a few faces on the team they can talk to or hit with and they weren’t scared of seniors.”
Perkins said he looks forward to the season as a result of the team’s boost in morale.

“I think we’re really strong this year. Our confidence is better and I think we’ll win some games,” Perkins said. “I’d like to win more games, last year confidence was low. I’d really like to go after it this year.”

Laing said although a year for rebuilding, he hopes for a successful season.

“This season I’m excited to be competitive, going out there and seeing how the team looks this year,” Laing said. “(I am) hopeful we can get back to where we were a few years ago, it’s kind of a rebuilding year.”

Captains’ practices take place at 8:30 p.m. every Friday at Williston Fitness Center. Tryouts will be held April 3-5 at the Park tennis courts. The first meet takes place 4 p.m. April 6 at Hopkins.