Boys’ basketball squashed by the Spartans

Park struggles against Orono


Abby Meisler

Sophomore Micah Curtis dribbles the ball Feb. 2. Park lost 85-38 to Orono.

Abby Bartleson and Rachel Arkis

After falling short against Orono Feb. 2, sophomore Micah Curtis said the 85-38 loss served as a wakeup call for the team regarding the importance of teamwork. 

“We need to work on being more of a team, and working as a whole,” Curtis said. “We were all being very selfish tonight and taking sloppy shots trying to force things when we should have played together. We were all sort of trying to be the hero.”

Despite the loss, according to assistant coach Rob Griffin he is optimistic towards future practices; so the team can dial into what needs the most improvement during games.

“The key is taking what we do during practice and applying it to the court, and today they struggled with that,” Griffin said. “I know they can do it, and they have before, but today was just an off day.”

Freshman Andreis Taylor said he was disappointed in the turnout of the game, due to minor mistakes.

“I need to work on my mid range shot,” Taylor said. “I messed up on some easy shots and I definitely need to practice my accuracy.” 

Curtis said even though the energy on the bench was high, the effort didn’t translate into the court; which led to the team’s downfall. 

“The energy on the bench was better than previous games but honestly we weren’t giving the actual game our all,” Curtis said. “Our shots and plays were falling, and we should have played with more passion throughout the entire game.”

According to Griffin, a huge part about being on a team sport is working together — which was lacking during the game.

“As a team, we just need to keep chipping away at the stuff that we’ve been trying to get our guys to do. Which is play hard, play together and play with some pride,” said Griffin. 

Taylor agreed that the low energy during the game was a factor, but he has high hopes for the rest of the season. 

“I was playing pretty good on defense in my opinion but honestly wasn’t going my hardest,” said Taylor. “I could’ve put more effort into different aspects of the game and the team also feels the same.”

Boys’ basketball is setting up to play Waconia at 7 p.m. Feb. 7 at the St. Louis Park High School Main Gym.