Nordic returns to the ridge

Team hopeful for the future

Park’s girls’ nordic team competed in the state tournament Feb. 15-16 after finishing in second place during sections. Overall, the Orioles finished 13th out of 16 teams.

According to junior Addison Chenvert, the team faced some difficulties and has a lot to work on in the future to improve. 

“We definitely faced some challenges, but we all put in our best effort and did what we had to do,” Chenvert said. “We have a lot of things to work on, but we did what we could.”

Senior and captain Rachel Katzovitz said she was really proud of how the team took on the races, as a highlight was the great support system built for struggling racers. 

“The atmosphere of having everyone being so supportive during the races and after helped us carry momentum even if it wasn’t the best (race) of our season,” Katzovitz said. 

According to coach Doug Peterson, the team had a great regular racing season  — but when it came time for state, it didn’t have the same energy.

“This girl’s team is so good, it’s really exciting to watch them,” Peterson said. “They were just off their game that day. If you get set back in that race, it’s hard to catch up.” 

Chenvert said she is very excited to see how the team looks next year, because the team won’t be losing many teammates after this season. 

“I’m excited to see the potential that our team has,” Chenvert said. “We’re only losing three seniors so we still have a lot to work with.”