Meet The Athlete: Michael Broad


Kate Schneider

How long have you been doing track?

I have been running track in school since sixth grade and seriously outside of school since the summer after sixth grade. 

Why did you decide to do track?

I joined a club team for about a year when I was in like second grade and it was kind of fun. But then I quit it for a while and then I decided to do it in middle school and I got really into it. It’s a really great way to keep me in shape, make friends, I love the atmosphere.

What races do you run?

I run the 100m, 200m, 400m and any of those relays.

What is your favorite memory from track?

My favorite memory from track is going to the U.S.A. Track and Field National Meet in the summer after eighth grade in Sacramento. That was super fun.

How has it been being a captain this season?

It’s been fantastic. It’s an opportunity I was kind of robbed of last year because of COVID. I’m really happy to finally have a leadership position in order to be able to teach the young guys some stuff, make sure the team is able to continue the culture when I’m gone. I just really like being at the forefront.

What has been the highlight of the season?

I would say the highlight of the season so far is seeing how many people we got to turn out. Our turnout is still drastically less than it’s been in past years. But there was a much larger turnout than I would have expected this year. Especially a lot of young guys, so that really gives me hope that the team is still gonna be able to continue as it’s been. 

How are you feeling about running track in college?

I’m feeling fantastic, I’m hoping to get much better in college. Some guys I know are going to schools close to me, so I’m still going to be able to see them, which will be good. 

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the track season?

I’m really looking forward to conference and Sections. I think the team has a decent chance of doing really well in both of those meets and I think personally I have a chance of doing really well. I’m just really excited for everything.