Girls’ lacrosse hosts bowling fundraiser

Funds to be used for new equipment


Sophie Olmen

Sophomore Erin Brousseau prepares to bowl during the lacrosse bowling fundraiser March 9.

Sophie Olmen and Breanna Thompson

Girls’ lacrosse holds their annual bowling fundraiser at Park Tavern, senior Anna Jensen said the event serves as another way to team bond before the season starts and is an enjoyable way to prepare.

“I think it’s a good idea to raise money and like have fun while you’re doing it and kind of a good way to get the team together before the season starts,” Jensen said.

According to booster club member Tiffani McCallon, the money raised will go towards new equipment and help people interested in playing.

“The money will go towards a coach during captains, it will go toward shooting shirts, extra uniforms if we need them, equipment like lacrosse balls,” McCallon said. “It will help families that might not be able to play if we didn’t do some fundraising.”

Senior Halle Weinmann said it’s wonderful to have another opportunity for players to show up beside captains practices.

“It’s good to get some team bonding in because not everybody shows up at captains all the time because they’re busy but this is like something that everybody can show up to,” Weinmann said.

McCallon said the support for St. Louis Park girls’ lacrosse is strong and wants to make it a positive experience for the players.

“We love St. Louis Park girls’ lacrosse and we want to be able to get some coaches during captains practice,” McCallon said. “Be able to provide programs this year to help the lacrosse program grow and to attract more people.”

According to Jensen said there was a lot of people who attended the bowling fundraiser that included a bake sale.

“It’s been good. It looks like it’s pretty full like there’s a lot of people here and there’s a lot of baked goods,” Jensen said.

The next captains practice is 6:30-8:30 p.m. March 13 at Peter Hobart Elementary School.