Girls’ lacrosse loses to Hopkins

Game results in final score of 4-8


Hayley Westwood

Sophomore Jade Clausen and junior Sharda Doorbijai run laps during practice April 25. Their next game is 6 p.m. April 26 at St. Louis Park Stadium

Breanna Thompson and Sophie Olmen

According to junior Anna Nicholls they played their hardest during the end of the game. Even if they lost.  By the end, they were a whole new team.

“The game I think went pretty well. The score did not reflect how we played towards the end of the game. We improved from the beginning to the end,” said Nicholls. “At the end of the game we looked like a whole different team. We’re still trying to build our chemistry as a whole unit.”

Head coach Kyle Sweeney said the team worked on weaknesses from their previous game during practice.

“I think it’s always disappointing to lose especially when it’s a competitive game. I feel like we were fairly evenly matched, but I think the team did a lot of things right that we’ve been working on. I think Hopkins had a really good defense. It was hard to break,” said Sweeney.

According to Nicholls, the team has specific parts of the game they need to improve on.

“We’re going to work on transition for sure. We get caught up in the midfield and that kills us. Draws and draw control is what we also need to work on too because you can’t win the game if you can’t win the draw. We’re also going to have to work on cuts,” said Nicholls.

According to Sweeney, the past games have been rough and they had to prepare to play against a hard team like Hopkins.

“We’ve only had two games so far. One we lost by a lot, one we won by a lot so it was hard to know what to prepare for when we haven’t played a team that’s well matched with us. Yesterday unfortunately we were indoors but we did a lot of the things that were missing from our game last week,” said Sweeney.

According to Sweeney the next game will be 6 p.m. April 26 at St. Louis Park High School Stadium.