The Echo

2018-2019 Staff

Dani Orloff


Hey guys! My name is Dani and I’m the Editor-in-Chief this year! When I am not devoting my time to Echo, you can find me in the kitchen training to become a future Food Network star.  Bobby Flay has nothing on me. I also love ...

Marta Hill


Hi, I’m Marta Hill and I’m one of the Editor's-in-Chief this year on Echo. You can always find me reading a good book, or helping create the SLP Nest (hours are 2:30-7 pm on weekdays)!  My favorite sports to play are ult...

Amaia Barajas

Managing Editor

Hi! I’m Amaia and you’re watching Disney Channel 👽🧞‍♀️😘🤠🤗

Yonit Krebs

Managing Editor

Yo it’s pretty neat that I’m a managing editor this year! One of my favorite activities is to eat Wacky Mac on a porch on Friday afternoons. My favorite animal is a puffin because they have a great cereal, and I love purple. ...

Grace Farley

Managing Editor

Hey, what’s up nerds! I’m Grace Farley and I’m a senior and a managing editor for the lovely Echo. I’m a Starbucks barista so you can almost always find me with my standard Swell’ coffee mug in hand. I’ve been a phot...

Abby Intveld

Managing Editor

Hey folks!!! I’m Abby Intveld and I’m a senior and a managing editor for the Echo. My best friend is my golden retriever Beau and we love going for walks around Cedar Lake. I drink way too much iced coffee, listen to any type...

Sam St. Clair

Managing Editor

Hey girly I’m Sam St. Clair ✌️just your everyday Managing editor. I’m totally quirky, but now that quirky is trendy I’m an “edgy” quirky teen, if that makes any sense. I enjoy drinking coffee, but I don’t like gett...

Rachel Salzer

Business Manager

Hi! My name is Rachel. I am a senior and this is my first year on Echo. I love to adventure, be outside, dance, play golf, and hang out with my friends. I have enjoyed becoming more involved in things here at school like join...

Anika Hanson

Business Manager

Hello there. My name is Anika Hanson, pronounced ON-ICK-A for those of you that don’t know.  I joined Echo this year as a senior cuz why the heck not. I enjoy drinking iced chai tea because coffee is gross and consuming all dair...

Emma Leff

Copy Editor

Hi, I am Emma Leff. I am a junior and I like to play soccer. I enjoy naps, chilling with my dog and grocery shopping. Target is my favorite place and I could spend hours there. If you haven’t heard already, I work at the Re...

Emma Yarger

Copy Editor

Hi queens! I am Emma Yarger and I’m one half of an epic copy editor duo. I am a senior this year and it is my second year writing for the Echo. I enjoy singing, drinking coffee and watching TV, among other things. I am also F...

Jenna Cook

Copy Editor

Hi sisters! My name is Jenna and I am a senior as well as one of the Echo’s lovely copy editors this year. My interests include Netflix, trashy YA novels and movies and watching ‘Jeopardy!’ My go-to Starbucks order is a t...

Noah Orloff

Copy Editor

My name is Noah and I am a sophomore copy editor. Writing is something that I love to do, but I  also can be seen walking my neighbor’s dog. He is a six-year-old Cavachon, who in my opinion is the cutest dog ever. I also enj...

Ruthie Posada

Assistant Copy Editor

Hi! My name is Ruthie and I am a photographer for the Echo! I am a junior this year and I love photography and traveling. I especially love photographing cool new places that I visit all around the world. One of my favorite t...

Maggie Klaers

Design Editor

Hello! My name is Maggie Klaers and I will be a junior this year. This is my first year on the Echo and I’m super excited! In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball, drawing, and eating McFlurries. I am also an extreme chocolatah...

Creston Halstead

Design Editor

Hullo. I’m Creston, one of three design editors, the worst 1. I like to smell permanent markers, especially the blue ones. I love competing in competitions AKA desi8gn offs. If u c me anywhere, I might go by CRUSTY. Plz hit m...

Isabel Kjaer

Design Editor

Whats brackin bruh? I am named Isabel. Yo soy el editor de diseño. I act really confident about design but really I don’t know much, and usually ask Creston for approval. I obsess over every detail and count every pica on ...

Claire Bargman

Photo Editor

Sooo hi. It’s Claire. I like cooking, wrapping up in a blanket and doing stuff outdoors. I spend some of my time at soccer and nordic ski practice (even though I have cold air asthma ooOo!) This means I’m constantly sick. If...

Abigail Prestholdt

Photo Editor

Hi I’m Abby it is my first year being an Echo staffer. You can find me around the school taking pictures. I enjoy seeing things through the lens and showing people something they have never seen before. I truly enjoy my friend...

Carissa Prestholdt

Photo Editor

Hi!! My name is Carissa and I am photo editor on Echo this year. This is my junior year, and I couldn't be more excited. Some of my favorite activities include running, being with friends, and playing with my dog. I am very outgoing...

Hayley Westwood

Social Media Editor

Hey my name is Hayley Westwood and you’re watching Disney Channel. I am the one and only social media editor on Echo. Hobbies include going to the dog park and eating wontons.

Ruby Stillman

Social Media Editor

Hi, I’m Ruby. Some people call me Rubithus. I like Pad Thai and quesadillas. I do theatre and social activism and I like warm weather and face masks.  

Yonah Davis

Broadcast Editor

My name is Yonah Davis, but I am more commonly known as the king of broadcast. My life consists of baking cookies for teachers and editing videos. If you have ever seen Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams, you probably know who I am. In ...

Izzy Kanne

Video Editor

Hi my name is Izzy Kanne and I’m a junior at SLP. My last name is pronounced like Connie but spelt like Cane and I don’t know what German man decided it but now I’m stuck with it. When I’m not living it up in the pub, I ...

Sofia Seewald

News Editor

Hey there! My name is Sofia Seewald and I am a proud News editor for Echo! When I’m not doing Echo things, I spend my time playing tennis, volunteering with a non-profit called PAB’s PACKS, cross country skiing and eating...

Kaia Myers

Features Editor

Hi! My name is Kaia. I’m a junior and this is my first year on Echo. In my free time, I love running, hanging out with friends, making smoothies and drinking wayyy too much coffee. You can probably find me at lake Bde Maka Ska ea...

Sadie Yarosh

Sports Editor

Why hello there! My name is Sadie and I am a photographer on the Echo! I love taking pictures, hangin with ma friends and watching movies:) I am in love with the pizza from Broders Deli and all the kinds of batter (cookie dou...

Sophie Olmen

Sports Editor

Hi my name is Sophie Olmen and I am the sports editor for the Echo. Fun fact I have two middle names and I am also a senior this year. I play tennis, basketball and softball. I enjoy spending time at my cabin and doing random st...

Gabriel Kaplan

Opinions Editor

Hi! My name is Gabe Kaplan, I’m a sophomore this year and a new staff writer for the Echo. I couldn’t be more excited for the year! Outside of writing for Echo, I like to stay busy and I spend most my time catching up on hom...

Evie Nelson

In-depth Editor

Hello *in a british accent*! I’m Evie Nelson, the In-depth editor this year. Alongside writing stories, I also love creating videos for our broadcast team (join us please!). Outside of Echo, you can usually find me performing ...

Talia Lissauer

Special Projects & Profiles Editor

Hey everyone my name is Talia Lissauer, I’m a sophmore and this is my first year on Echo. I play soccer all year long and in the winter I downhill ski with my family. When I'm not at school I'm either traveling or making a me...

David Bryant

Entertainment Editor

What’s up, my name is David Bryant, the entertainment editor this year. I am all about the local music scene and talking about it. I am in a band @9voltmn and you should pop out to our next concert. I also enjoy deep woods hiking!...

Nebyu Bekele


Hola, my name is Nebyu Bekele, but most people know me as N.E.B, when I’m not doing echo things, I make music, and do cross country and track. I also enjoy deep woods hiking. If you see me around don’t be shy to say Hi!

Emily Ziessman


Hey! My name is Emily Ziessman and I am a junior this year. This is my first year as a photographer for Echo and I’m super excited! I’m on the gymnastics team and volleyball team. When I’m procrastinating doing the bucke...

Alejandro Manzano-Gomez


Hey I’m Alejandro I’m into photograph lash making amazing videos editing making videos is passion, I’m type more into videos this is my first time in this class and my first semester, on my free time I like riding my ...

Samiya Mohamed


Hi! I’m Samiya Mohamed and this is my first year in echo. I lived in MN all my life and I don’t like it here. If I were to ever live anywhere I would live in dubai. In my free time I watch netflix or take naps. I Would recommend...

Sophie Livingston


Wassup it’s yuh boi Sophie. I’m a photographer. I don’t like to play sports so naturally I take pictures of other people playing them instead. I like to draw, sit outside with my dog, and play Guitar Hero on the Wii wit...

Henry Brettingen


My name is Henry Brettingen, and I like writing about politics and opinions. This is my first year on the echo, so I don’t yet know what I’ve gotten myself into yet.  

Megan Raatz


Howdy pardner! My name is Megan Raatz and I’m a writer for the Echo. This is my sophomore year and first time writing for this wonderful paper. I love warm beverages, cheesy movies and hiking. If I am not enjoying one of the...

Adin Zweigbaum


Hi I’m Adin Zweigbaum, I’m a sophomore this is my first year in Echo. I play ultimate frisbee and football. When I’m not at school I’m either playing video games, or having fun cooking in the kitchen.

Carly Joseph


Hi! I’m Carly Joseph and it is my first semester on echo. I love theater and you can usually find me on stage. I spend most of my time singing songs from Hairspray (my favorite musical) and tap dancing. I know its a very unli...

Maria Perez Barriga


Hey! My name is Maria and I am a sophomore. I like to play soccer and binge watch tv shows and movies on Netflix. I like to hang out with friends and be with my family. My favorite food of all time is pizza. My friends consider m...

Tamar Gewirtz


Hey, Tamar here! One of my favorite things to do is to travel, especially out of the country, mainly because I love trying new foods and seeing new places. In my spare time I also really love to play tennis and figure out song...

Ben Sanford


Hey teens! My name is Benjamin John Sanford and I do theatre, I am in theatre and did you know I do theatre? I am SOOOOOOO excited to be on the Echo for the first time ever as a photographer. In my free time, I am most likely ...

Kate Schneider


What’s up guys, I’m Kate and I’m a sophomore! I’m going to be writer this year and in my spare time (everyday) I’m in the pool swimming. My favorite thing to do is gush over all my celebrity crushes 24/7, I’d list them b...

Maddie Schutte


Hi friends! My name is Maddie but most call me the full “Maddie Schutte,” and I’m a writer for Echo this year! I’m a Sophomore and in my spare time I’m a dancer which you will find out within seconds of meeting me. M...

Samantha Klepfer


Hi my name is Samantha Klepfer and I am a writer and editor for the Echo. I like chocolate and books. I also play volleyball and I like to watch Netflix. I am a test tube baby. I have no familial relations and I grew up in a la...

Tenzin Gyaldatsang


Hi my name is Tenzin but you can call me Tennam. I'm a junior this year and am excited to see how the Vikings are going to do, Super bowl prediction anyone? Currently ranked 8th in the US Northwestern division for coin flipping. I a...

Ethan Meisler


Hi, my name is Ethan and this is my first year on Echo. Outside of school, I enjoy downhill skiing, mountain biking and hanging out with friends. I love going to Chicago and seeing friends and family. Fun fact, I used to live there....

Nolan Kelly

Writer, Photographer

Hi-ya! My name is Nolan, I am a senior and this is my first year on Echo (and yes, I must be crazy). Also, my picture reaches the same conclusion. Things I do that aren’t crazy: Cross-Country Runni--Oh, nevermind, there isn...

Katie Hardie

Writer, Photographer

Hey there! My name is Katie and I am Echo’s resident multi-media editor. In my free time I love to cook with friends, watch Netflix originals, read YA trash, and shop for semi-valuable items on Amazon Prime. My favorite thing...

Lucy zumBrunnen

Photographer, Designer

zHey guys it’s me Lucy! If i’m not taking photos and desinging for Echo, i’m probably on a run or skiing in -20 w/Claire Bargman. I also like being outside and watching extremely inspiring movies like Napoleon Dynamite. ...

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