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Recovery from COVID-19 must prioritize climate action

Art by Sophie Livingston. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must prioritize climate action. Many have proposed policies such as the Green New Deal to address both economic and environmental issues.

Gabriel Kaplan

May 24, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, declining greenhouse gas emissions and the return of wildlife to quarantined cities have offered the United States a sliver of hope. Once the crisis is resolved and America is left to jumpstart its ailing economy, we must center environmental reform in any stimulus package....

Conference on climate change creates impact

Dr. Richard Alley, the Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, gives a speech about proof of climate change at the 2019 Nobel Conference. The 55th annual Nobel Conference had a theme of

Samantha Klepfer

October 25, 2019

As the day wound to a close for the Park coalition at this year’s Nobel Conference: Climate Changed, science teacher Al Wachutka reflected on what he learned from the experience.  “Even though I think (I see climate change in) a broad sense, because I do see the social connections, the political...

Roots and Shoots marches for climate change

Seventh grader Jason Kraft and junior Dahlia Krebs walk in the climate march. At City Hall participants expressed their feelings on climate change.

Kate Schneider

October 10, 2019

While looking out at the crowd before speaking at the climate change walkout, junior Zoe Frank said she felt hesitant prior to speaking. “I was nervous, but once I was up there it felt really cool and there were so many faces. I was expecting like 15 people and this was better than I could’ve e...

Roots and Shoots plans climate change walkout

Junior Thor Anderson discusses future plans with Roots and Shoots Sept 17.  According to Roots and Shoots junior President Zoe Frank, the Roots and Shoots climate walkout will begin after school Sept. 27.

Colin Canaday

September 26, 2019

In response to the lack of awareness regarding the youth climate strike which occurred Sept. 20, there will be another climate change walkout Sept. 27, according to junior Roots and Shoots President Zoe Frank. “People around the nation know there are international walkouts this Friday on Sep. 2...

Roots and Shoots paints wall for Earth Day

Roots and Shoots painted the wall April 18. According to Senior Katie Christiansen, the wall is painted with symbols that represent Minnesota's environmental habits and expectations.

Noah Orloff, Marta Hill, and Emma Leff

April 21, 2019

As sophomore Kaylee Quick painted the senior wall, she said her first Roots and Shoots event was a fun way to honor the upcoming Earth Day. “I thought it was a really cool idea as a way to prepare for Earth Day,” Quick said. “I also thought it was a great way to start getting more involved wi...

Green New Deal oversteps

Art by Maggie Klaers

Henry Brettingen

March 20, 2019

Climate change has long been an issue politicians have struggled to find long-term solutions to. The Green New Deal is no exception. It is nothing more than an idealistic wish list that fails to account for the constraints of reality. Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey released ...

Staff Editorial: MN Can’t Wait rally should inspire action

Gov. Walz speaks to a room of climate activists including students from across Minnesota Jan. 9.

January 17, 2019

With issues such as climate change, student activism is essential to impact politics. This is why the Echo Editorial Board applauds MN Can’t Wait’s campaign. The student-led organization, MN Can’t Wait, held a rally and discussion to take action against climate change, at 4 p.m. Jan. 9 in Gov....

Roots and Shoots drives for more progress in march to Capitol

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz speaks to a room filled with students. Walz and Lutinnent Governor Flanagan addressed climate change and the policies in which they wish to enact throughout their term.

Katie Hardie and Sadie Yarosh

January 13, 2019

According to Roots and Shoots club leader, senior Katie Christiansen, marching to the Capitol acted as another chance to reinforce the need for environmental action for Minnesota. “We met with Gov. Walz, Lt. Gov. Flanagan and recently appointed MPCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) commissio...

Climate Plan creates opportunity for student action toward environmental sustainability

Art illustration by Nietzsche Deuel.

February 14, 2018

On Feb. 5, the St. Louis Park City Council unanimously passed a brand new Climate Action Plan spearheaded by Park’s own Roots and Shoots, iMatter, and the St. Louis Park Environment and Sustainability Commission. This Climate Action Plan (CAP) includes the ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality...

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