In-person learning increases productivity

Students should remain learning in school

Lauren Thon

Throughout the last two years of this pandemic, we have seen it all. From distance learning to social distancing and wearing masks in school, this generation of students has had anything but a normal educational experience. I believe that by continuing in-person learning, students will be more productive and get the most out of their school day.

After a year of distance learning, I felt like I hadn’t been taught anything. Trying to learn over Zoom at home was exhausting. Students felt that since we were distant and grades didn’t matter and would sleep through classes or not log on at all. Many students also lacked motivation for doing their school work, leading to missing assignments piling up. While in distance learning, I was isolated from not only getting the in-person help I needed to thrive, but my social life as well. I missed seeing people every day and lost a lot of connections that would’ve been maintained if I were at school. 

Now that we are back in-person learning, and have been since the start of the school year, I feel that my productivity has gone way up compared to last year. I have been able to participate in class without feeling awkward because I was the only one talking or asking questions on Zoom. My grades have gone up and I have been getting my assignments in on time. Other peers that I have talked to feel as if they are learning more than they did last year as well. I find that I am paying more attention and really absorbing the content when I am right there in the classroom, face to face with the teacher, rather than at home over a screen. 

With cases of COVID-19 on the rise, it is a risk to be learning in-person. According to the CDC, the Omicron variant is more transmissible than the original SARS-CoV-2 variant. This puts students at risk of contracting the virus while at school. With that being said, precautions have been put in place to keep students safe. Everyone in the building is required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. Students are asked to scan QR codes before sitting down to eat lunch. Anyone who is feeling symptoms of COVID-19 is supposed to stay home. With teachers getting sick as well, some may think that it would be more beneficial to go online for some time. Many teachers have posted the lesson plans or a video lesson for the day(s) they are out for. Students are expected to do the work in class time, and this leads to productivity although their instructor is not there. 

While other districts transition to distance learning for the next two or more weeks, continuing to learn in-person will generate more productivity and success within students.