The Echo

Crash course in humor, memes and WWIII

Art by Maggie Klaers and Sophie Livingston.

Colin Canaday and Tenzin Gyaldatsang

February 4, 2020

Following the recent attacks on Iran, social media was engulfed with deflection and humor, a common response from younger generations to serious events.   By Jan. 3, the term “World War III” was trending on Google and Twitter, according to Google Trends. Despite the heavy media coverage, many ...

‘American Vandal’ goes beyond immature humor

Fair use from Netflix

Abby Intveld

September 30, 2018

Leading up to the release of season two, I was nervous that “American Vandal” wouldn’t live up to the success of its first season. But within the first five minutes of the show, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. “American Vandal” season two follows the student detectives Sam Ecklund (...

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