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JSU celebrates Purim

JSU celebrates Purim

Gabriel Kaplan, Katie Hardie, and Maria Perez Barriga

March 21, 2019

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Jewish Student Union president senior Leila Raymond said she attended every annual Purim celebration meeting in the last four years, which the club celebrates by eating a Jewish pastry that symbolizes the villain in the Jewish Purim story. “Today we are making hamantaschen — an amazing pastry that r...

JSU discusses, celebrates Purim

JSU discusses, celebrates Purim

Isaac Wert

March 19, 2018

Filed under School clubs and activities

This past month, the Jewish Student Union (JSU) learned about the Jewish holiday of Purim, celebrating when the Jews resisted oppression from the Persian empire, which senior Ruchama Borg described as a fun holiday. “(Purim) seems like a very simplistic holiday, one that would be physical, beca...

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