Pep fest boosts Park pride

Student council reflects on the success of the most recent pep fest

Amaia Barajas and Emma Yarger

As student council adviser Sarah Lindenberg reflects on the pep fest that took place Nov. 10, she felt it was a good way to acknowledge other fall sports and get students excited for the football game that took place Nov. 11.

“I think it went well. We were trying to feature multiple fall accomplishments, including an eighth grader who had gone to state for cross-country,” Lindenberg said. “So it seemed like students had a fun time getting pumped up and ready for the football game.”

Sophomore student council member Shayla Miller said she thought the pep fest was a success because of students’ anticipation for the upcoming game.

“I think it went pretty well, I think it was more exciting than some of the ones in the past. Because the people were more excited about the event we had the pep fest for, I think we had a better plan and it was more thought out and we had new exciting things,” Miller said.

Sophomore student council member Ian Otos said student council wanted to make sure students were excited for the football team.

“The pep fest in general is park pride just because we’re going to state. We’re just trying to get people hyped up,” Otos said.

Miller said the only thing that would’ve made the pep fest better would be if student council had longer to plan it.

“I think maybe if we would have known about it before time we could’ve had an even more structured schedule, maybe some more exciting parts to it but overall it was pretty good,” Miller said.

According to junior Alejandro Cateres, the pep fest helped pump up the football team and feel backed by the student body.

“That was like a really big motivation for us because we knew that the whole school would be supporting us in our game, so that was a really good addition,” Cateres said.

Lindenberg said the short notice regarding the planning of the pep fest didn’t have an affect on the energy of the students.

“I think just do to the nature of it being such a historic event, it’s always hard to evaluate exactly what to celebrate when and how to go about doing it. But it just felt like a timely thing where the football team had never made it to state,” Lindenberg said. “(The pep fest) would be something that would try and help pump the football players up for the game and students to maybe come to together and attend it.”