Police cameras necessary

Police camera installation benefits community


Kaia Myers

The city’s decision to use body-worn cameras is an excellent choice as it will help protect both police officers and the public.

Body-worn cameras (BWCs) provide a witness for encounters between the public and police officers. This perspective is valuable as it can be used to justify the actions of officers or obtain justice for civilians.

In recent years, the Black Lives Matter movement — among other socially motivated groups — has brought light to the need for accountability of law enforcement. The use of BWCs can address this issue by creating transparency between the police and the public.

The cameras can also help protect police from false claims of misconduct by providing an additional view on difficult situations.

Although BWCs are costly, their use makes them more than worth it.

Cameras can lead to public trust of law enforcement, which is essential to a peaceful society. The adoption and use of BWCs by St. Louis Park police will encourage a safer city for all.