Assassins brings students together

Game revive old excitement


Jordyn Deschamps

After a whole year apart, assassins has helped bring students back together. This game should continue on in the future, as it brings back a sense of long overdue unity.

Assassins started on May 3, the game is played by putting together a team of up to six students, and each team is given a “hit list.” Then each team goes around shooting people with a nerf guns, and the last person standing wins a prize of money. At first I was a little concerned on how the game would operate with COVID-19 restrictions, but I was ultimately impressed with how everyone was following the guidelines and rules. 

The rules are no shooting on school property, school events (sports, meetings, practices),  student’s work or volunteering place and at any religious settings. However, students are fair game on the way to or from anywhere, and masks must be worn inside a house and permission is required to go into a students home. No kidnapping or shooting someone if you or they are driving the car must be in park, no moving cars. Once you get killed you are able to pay to be revived, and once you hit everyone off your hitlist, you enter free for all (FFA), meaning you can hit anyone who is playing. When you get out or get another person out, you have to take a picture with them as evidence that they have been eliminated.

I feel like people are actually starting to have fun again, and a little bit of normalcy is coming back after what COVID-19 has taken from us. We couldn’t do ssassins last year, so it’s extra special that we can do it now. 

A benefit about the game is that it can help with meeting new people; you can meet new people and make new friends in the process. With the game providing a random list of people in the hit list, you won’t know everyone who is on your list, so with that you meet new people. 

Players also get to bond with or strengthen relationships with teammates. I have many friends who signed up just to have fun with their peers and make long-lasting memories. 

Throughout the game, students are also given an opportunity to gain life skills that they can use in the future, like communication. Players are going to have to talk with your teammates and figure out when you want to make a hit. Players also get the opportunity to display honesty and exhibit good sportsmanship. Since this game is a “competition,” it is easy to get competitive, and I feel this game is a good way to stay truthful and honest about when you get out.

With all that being said, Assassins is here to stay; it brings people together and uses useful skills that can help in the future. It also brings the great feeling of being together and being a part of something, after being socially inactive during the pandemic.