Senior soccer captain makes UMN history

Alma Beaton becomes first legacy player on the women’s soccer team


Mya Stanberry

Senior Alma Beaton kicks the ball away from Hopkins Royals’ player Oct. 16. Beaton will become the first legacy player in the University of Minnesota women’s soccer program.

Grace Stillman

Girls soccer head coach Anne Beaton played for the Gophers during her time in college at the University of Minnesota(UMN). Next year, her daughter, senior captain Alma Beaton, will follow in her footsteps, becoming the teams first legacy player. After Alma Beaton began considering which college to go to, she became excited about the opportunity she had at the UMN.

“I realized how cool that was going to be and so then I was like, ‘why would I not want to create that new tradition of kids coming back to play after their parents,’” Alma Beaton said.

Though Alma Beaton is going to play for the same team as her mom, Anne Beaton believes it will be a much different journey and experience for her daughter. Nevertheless, she said she is thrilled to watch Alma Beaton forge her own path.

“I’m excited, her path has been different. I think everything’s changed since back in the day when I played, but I’m excited for her and it’s a cool environment for her to be able to play in,” Anne Beaton said.

Anne Beaton said her experiences coaching Alma Beaton this fall allowed her to appreciate Alma’s growth as a soccer player from a different perspective.

“I’ve enjoyed learning from her and watching her grow and then being able to coach her when she was younger,” Anne Beaton said, “This fall has been pretty unique and special to be able to get closer to her as a player and have some influence on how she’s learning the game as well.” 

Senior Sophia Romero, co-captain of the team along with Alma, said she has enjoyed getting to play with Alma Beaton for the last four years as well as being a captain with her for the last two.

“She’s a great leader on and off the field, and she really just wants to be the best for the team and the best for herself,” Romero said. 

Anne Beaton said she is confident that Alma Beaton will find success at the collegiate level with the strong will and full effort she plays with.

If she is really determined to learn or do something and she puts her mind to it, then she does it,” Anne Beaton said.