Sophmore designs album cover

Partnership adds to new music


Abby Meisler

Sophomore Hawkins Moore doodles in class June 8. He recently illustrated the song cover for Will Gohman’s single “Vertigo.”

Abby Meisler

When sophomore Hawkins Moore found out his friend, Willis Gohman, was going to release a song, Gohman asked him if he could design the album cover. Moore said had always been into his art. From drawing to pottery, he said he enjoys making his artwork as a form of expression.

“I draw how I feel. Sometimes I draw when I’m bored. It’s kind of just something to do,” Moore said.

Gohman said he approached Moore when he saw his artistic eye and talent.

“He’s a great guy, (and) a great artist. I saw his work in his notebook one day, I had no idea he was such a good artist and I was like, ‘I need that for my album art’,” Gohman said.

Gohman said he appreciated his precision and intuition behind his art. Moore said he got his inspiration to begin drawing from online, but after that, fell in love with it.

“I just saw videos of people drawing on TikTok, and I was like, ‘I want to try that.’ And that’s how it all started,” Moore said.

According to Gohman, the collaboration between him and Moore made for an excellent outcome.

“It really fits the theme of the song just really well. When you look at it, and most of the song, to me it makes sense,” Gohman said.