‘Game Changers’ displays retro titles to evasive 3D realities

Interactive exhibit shows evolution of graphics in video games


Abby Prestholdt

Children and parents have been able to play 90s video games at the “Game Changers” exhibit. The exhibit is open from Feb. 15 to May 5 at the Science Museum.

David Bryant

The vast, dark room fills with retro video game titles upon entering the “Game Changers” exhibit in the Minneapolis Science Museum. Unlike other exhibits that are only viewed, “Game Changers” is a completely interactive exhibit filled with hundreds of games, retro to modern, that are meant to be played and explored.

“Game Changers” does a great job of dividing the space of the exhibit into smaller rooms giving each room a new energy. The final room containing various indie games, like “Minecraft” and “Castle Crashers,” gave me a great wave of nostalgia because of the time I have put into those games in the past.

The sheer amount of content in each game allows one to either appreciate a single game for hours on end or play a quick session of numerous games. Unfortunately, not all of the games are easy to pick up and require a significant amount of time to learn.

Basic information panels next to each game offer a brief description including the year it was made, the game’s goal, hints and controls. Looking at the panels of information lets you see an insider’s perspective of the intention of each game and how games have evolved from simple “avoid this, destroy that” mechanics to beautiful open world adventures.  

Although the exhibit is primarily filled with games, it is more than that. Concept art and designs covering the walls depict an in-depth evolution of the simple sketches to the bold 3D models of the finished product.

One of the highlights of the exhibit is the ability to revisit games I’ve loved in the past, like “Fable III,” a mythical open-world role-playing game. Discovering new games like “Child of Eden,” a shooter game full of trippy geometric shapes colliding with the screen, was as enjoyable if not more.

Overall, “Game Changers” is a great exhibit for anyone passionate about video games, giving a completely new look to the classic Science Museum. Admission to the exhibit is included with the purchase of a regular ticket to the Minneapolis Science Museum for $15 until May 5.

“Game Changers:” ★★★★☆