Last minute halloween costumes

DIY costume ideas


Cole Denham

Halloween is coming up soon, many people are still looking for costumes. Since Halloween is so close, shopping and buying costumes isn’t an option anymore. However, a lot of people forget that they have many things at home to make their own costumes.


The white ghost is a classic costume that you can make at home. Take a thin white blanket or bed sheet and draw out two circles that will be the eyeholes. Cut out the circles with a pair of scissors, then put the blanket or bed sheet over your head and line up the eyeholes with your eyes and you’re done.


For a lumberjack you’ll need a plaid shirt, jeans, boots and a pair of slacks. Tuck the plaid shirt into the jeans and put the slacks over the shirt. Put your boots on and find a fake hatchet and now you’re a lumberjack

Bob Ross

Bob Ross is always an iconic costume and it’s not hard to create your own. Throw on a blue button up shirt and blue jeans. Find some old art supplies and grab a paint pallet, paint brush and a mini canvas. Finally get a big curly wig to complete the look of the great Bob Ross.

Adam Sandler

Being Adam Sandler may be a very generic costume, but it’s always a reliable option. Find some oversized baggy shorts and an oversized shirt. With, some old tennis or basketball shoes and a backwards hat, that should complete the outfit. 


Being a mummy doesn’t require much at all. Just wrap your torso and limbs in toilet paper and leave a few strands hanging off. If you want to look like a true mummy, get the rolls of toilet paper soaked with water then let them dry. The toilet paper will look old and crinkly once it dries.