‘Creed lll’ knocks out expectations

Third Installment is exhilarating, outstanding


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Roberto Alvarez

Last Sunday, I saw the very anticipated movie “Creed lll,” which came out March 3. Being a massive fan of the other two movies part of this trilogy, I thought this one was the best out of the three so far. What really stood out to me was the plot. We really get more of a background of our main character, Adonis Creed (Micheal Jordan), and how it translates to his backstory. We see a lot of boxing, dramatic scenes and all the excitement that this movie throws at you. If you haven’t seen the first two movies of this trilogy, I would really recommend that you watch those two before you watch this one. It gives you a lot more context on what’s going on in the story.  

We see Adonis Creed retire from the sport of boxing — being the heavyweight champion of the world and cementing his legacy as a boxer. While he is retired, he focuses more of his time on preparing the next up and coming fighters. But one day, he encounters one of his old friends from when he was a kid, Damien Anderson (Jonathan Majors), who was locked up for an incident that had something to do with Adonis. Damien wants to get back into boxing, but Adonis doesn’t feel that Damien is ready and helps Damien out of pity. Damien sees a huge amount of success from getting back into boxing and the help from Adonis gave Damien the exposure. We see throughout this movie the relationship of Adonis and Damien and how the actions of what happened the night Damien got locked up lead to the hatred that they had for each other and having to deal with it in the ring.

This  was a an exceptional  movie. Being a fan of the other two movies, I thought this movie went in the right direction. We see so much more of Adonis in his youth and how he deals with a new way of life in retirement. It showed themes of being able to express your feelings opening up, when following Adonis and his situation with Damien. 

Everything from the classic intro music of Rocky, to the fierce boxing matches were so fun to watch. It gave me the feeling of motivation which I think this trilogy and especially this movie brings out. Also, if you enjoy watching these types of boxing moviesAlso, just from how it was filmed I thought it was spectacular. There’s moments in the movie when we see these boxing matches that go into detail on the punches that were thrown to make it interesting enough for a 10 minutes long scene. This shows to me how much time and effort they put into making those specific scenes. 

Overall, this was a great movie. I’m a bit biased because I loved the other two movies of this trilogy so much, but if you’re someone who enjoys boxing movies, or even just movies that give you that sense of motivation and hunger, then I would highly recommend you watch this movie. 

“Creed lll:” ★★★★☆