‘Outer Banks’ season three lives up to the excitement

The most adventurous season yet


Owen Mccolgan

Ever since COVID-19 and the summer of 2020, teens across the country have been captivated by the admiral characters of “Outer Banks.” Directed by Jonas and Josh Pate, the TV show follows the lives of a group of teens who are on the hunt for gold. With the recent release of season three on Feb. 23, people were thrilled to watch the new season.

The story of “Outer Banks” is very adventurous — it focuses on five teens who are on a hunt for gold. They work together to follow clues that lead to the treasure. In between the hunt for the treasure there is a lot of controversy and drama between two groups called the pogues and the kooks. The teens that the show follows are the pogues. They are considered the outcasts of their outer banks and cause a lot of commotion. The kooks are full of wealthy teens who are entitled and snobby. The kooks eventually find out about the gold and try to intervene to get the gold for themselves. There are also other dangerous adults who want to get the gold too.

For season three, the pogues are fixated on finding an even bigger treasure called El Dorado which is located in a foreign country. It’s a city of gold hidden deep in the caves of Venezuela. On the pogues journey to find the gold, they are met with many challenges and setbacks. While the pogues are after the gold, so is a dangerous man named Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen), who is a very powerful man and has many men who work for him. His life goal is to find this treasure no matter what, even if it means lives are lost along the way. 

Season three focuses on the end of the grand adventure that the pogues go on that began all the way back in season one. The pogues run around dodging the police, their parents and Singh to unravel all the clues they need to find the treasure. There are so many enjoyable aspects of “Outer Banks” that makes the show so entertaining.

One of my favorite things about season three is the locations they film in. They travel all over the world to beautiful tropical locations. They get to go to Venezuela, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, South Carolina and Guadalupe. It’s really cool to see all the different places they go to and how they always end up in these places in the craziest ways.

Another thing I like about season three is the lifestyle the pogues live. Everybody wishes they could live like a pogue. They are all reckless, break rules, ditch school, party all the time and go on crazy adventures. All they do is have fun and do wild things. They get to live freely and do basically whatever they want. There doesn’t seem like anything more fun than being able to live that way.

I also like the rivalry of the pogues and the kooks. They are both the complete opposite. They also really hate each other and get into a lot of heated fights in the show. Whenever they encounter each other it means something bad is going to go down. Normally, the kooks win since they have more privilege and money than the pogues and the pogues are hated by their city. But the pogues get lucky in the end.

I really liked the balance of the action and adventure with the romance and drama. It’s not solely focused on romance or just action — it has a lot of both throughout season three. They also do a really good job on making you get on the edge of your seat during the big moments of the season. There are many exciting moments in the show that make you want to keep watching more and more.

My favorite part of season three though is the summer theme it has going. All of the oceans and the boats, the sunny weather and green grass. Even the clothes they wear just all really brings out that summer feeling that everybody looks forward to all year. 

Even though there are many ups in season three, there are still some downs. Most times when something crazy happened for the pogues it happened by some kind of super rare miracle. But instead of just one miracle, there were too many miracles. It came to a point where these crazy miracles were happening left and right and there were just too many by the end of the season and it wasn’t believable.

Although there was pretty good acting throughout season three, there were a good amount of scenes that fell flat. They try to make it extra dramatic when it doesn’t really need to be. There are also some corny romantic scenes that happen that just aren’t good at all. But there are definitely moments where they do a good job of making it dramatic and romantic.

Overall, I thought that season three was very good. It had me attached and I couldn’t stop watching until I finished. It had a great theme, beautiful locations, good action, romance and drama. It was a great story and I am looking forward to the release of season four.

“Outer Banks:” ★★★★☆