The perfect spot for a prom-shot

Places in Minneapolis to take prom pictures


Dahlia Herman

A glass art piece at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This is just one of many prom photo locations available in the Minneapolis area.

Dahlia Herman

Prom is in the air and the outfits and dates are on their way. With a beautiful venue at the American Swedish Institute, all the prom traditions are coming out to play. An essential to these yearly traditions are the before prom photos. Now, these may not seem significant until you ask your parents for their prom photo and you’re stuck for 25 minutes while they explain every detail of their day. It is now your turn to ensure the prom photo story for your children one day. With so many options and places to choose from, I have selected the most pristine prom-photo worthy spots for your perfect picture.

Starting out with some classics you’ve probably heard of before, like the sculpture garden and Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA). Now these might seem like some oldies but these are also solid options. The sculpture garden is home to the one and only cherry and spoon, which has landscaping of gorgeous yellow flower-bushes — a perfect backdrop for your shoot. Crossing the bridge (snapping a few pics here as well) is Loring park, filled with trees and a pond with a stunning dandelion fountain that would make a great shot. Following

the art museum path, the MIA has an overflowing staircase with a huge pillar backdrop and lion sculptures looking over with a watchful eye, guaranteeing you will find that spectacular pic. The MIA is also a perfect last-second picture, as it is only two minutes away from the American Swedish Institute.

Next is Lyndale — it does have a slightly longer drive, 14 minutes to the American Swedish Institute. But if you have some time before, I promise you these spots will be worth the drive. Start with Lyndale park gardens, home to spectacular landscaping, rock fountains, trees and flowers. Then head across the street to the Rose gardens, home to over 250 varieties of roses. They also have beautiful stone fountains and brick walkways, and there is no way you will be leaving this site without flowers to glamor your photo. When you are done, drive down to the Lake Harriet bandshell, for a glorious lake view from the intricately crafted structure.

If you’re looking for some spots closer to the venue, I have just the place for you. With a seven minute drive from the American Swedish Institute, the stone arch bridge and surrounding area is the place for you. Stunning photo opportunities with waterfalls in the background and the brick bridge makes for a glorious platform for your picture. Surrounding the bridge is beautiful landscaping and gardens that tend to not be as busy if it’s a popular day on the bridge.

Now you always have to have a backup weather plan, and don’t worry I’ve got the one for you. Six minutes away from the American Swedish Institute, the Foshay observation deck is a must. With a stunning view of the city, the paneled windows make for a picture you will never forget. Even on a nice sunny day, this place is a beauty and a less known spot as well, so you’d be skipping on those crowds for a gem of the city.