Three local restaurants to support during COVID-19

Pandemic shutdown should prompt people to get local takeout


Maggie Klaers

Mexico City Cafe has been doing takeout only since March 17 due to COVID-19. Executive Order 20-24 made all Minnesota restaurants close for in-person service through May 17.

Sam Swisher

We are all experiencing unprecedented change to our daily lives as COVID-19 continues to redefine how we interact with others. We have all been impacted in some way or another, but that does not mean we have completely given up all of our old habits.

Growing up in St. Louis Park, my family and I have always loved to support local businesses, especially the local restaurants. During the shutdown I have decided to help support local restaurants as much as possible by ordering takeout from a different restaurant at least twice a week. By doing this we hope to help keep their business afloat, so when the pandemic is over we will all be able to eat out like we used to. Of the many restaurants we have gotten takeout from, here are my favorites, as well as the ones I think are most critical to support. 

Mexico City Cafe

This restaurant is located right next to Park and is the newest restaurant to open on this list. The restaurant serves authentic Mexican food that is full of flavour and a variety of spicy dishes. If you’re still not full after your main course, you can indulge yourself in some of their delicious churro bites, a pastry covered in sugar and cinnamon. Another thing to consider before ordering takeout here is the fact that it is family owned and operated, which drew my parents and I in because the owners are very nice.

The Block ★★★★☆

Located just down the street from Mexico City Cafe is The Block. The restaurant offers a wide variety of bar and grill entrees, many of which have interesting twist, such as their vast collection of shakes. Another thing to consider before choosing to order from The Block is the individuality that this restaurant displays. Their dog patio is such an unique attribute of their business and really makes them one of a kind. Dog owners can sit and have a creative meal with their dog at their side. The individuality The Block shows in its dog patio is why I think they are so important to support so that we will still have a place to eat with our furry friends when this is all over.

Ariana ★★★★☆

Located across the street from Jerry’s Hardware and Little Caesars, Ariana is a Kabob and Gyro bistro. The establishment serves a delicious menu of kabobs, gyros and other authentic Afghan food. My personal favorite is their basic gyro with a side of their delicious fries. They offer a very low-priced meal that is well worth the money, not to mention their dessert menu, which includes Loukoumades, which are Greek donuts. The restaurant offers a great genre of food that is not seen in many other cities. 

Regardless if you choose to order takeout from one of the restaurants I suggested or another one of St. Louis Park’s wonderful local businesses, your support will help them through the shutdown and hopefully enable them to open back up once this is all over.