‘Clue’ still a fan favorite

Classic board game continues its legacy


Elena Ortiz-Fishman

“Clue” remains a classic and one of the most well-loved board games of all time — enthralling players with an all-inclusive murder mystery. 

Within the game, players compete together in order to uncover the murderer, scene of the crime and the murder weapon. Each game, new cards are picked in order to create a new scenario for players to uncover. While moving in and out of the rooms, you can gather clues, enter secret passageways or make suggestions on whom you suspect. Other players can disprove your accusations, or even work to get you eliminated. These aspects create a competitive and engaging game. 

Although the game may come across as morbid, the witty character names and exciting storyline keeps things upbeat and fun. This is one of my favorite parts, as the small details make the game so much more immersive. It’s nice to revisit the classic board games with friends or family to bring everyone together. 

One hindrance I’ve found with the game is the repetition of rolling and moving from room to room. It’s frustrating how a roll of the dice can disrupt the game by moving your piece across the board — ruining your chance at guessing. This randomized element only draws from the main point of playing, which is deduction.

“Clue” has become a staple for a reason, each player must balance their problem solving skills, strategy and even luck to win. There have been many variations of it, but each follows the same basic plot. Regardless of which version you pick to play, “Clue” always satisfies. 

It provides a challenge and presents each player with a new mysterious scenario to solve each time you play, so it never gets boring. I wouldn’t call it the most complex game, but there is something refreshing about coming back to it. Despite the allure of new games, “Clue” will always be my personal pick. 

“Clue”: ★★★★☆