‘Hype House’ invokes unexpected enjoyment

Netflix show loaded with thrilling drama


Fair use from Netflix

Jordyn Deschamps

Going in with spotty background knowledge on the Hype House, where a bunch of viral TikTok creators live together to be able to make content together, I was a little skeptical if their Netflix show was going to be good or not. But as the series got going, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Packed with many points of drama that I found enjoyable to follow, “Hype House” features famous social-media stars Thomas Petrou, Alex Warren, Kover Annon, Mia Hayward, Larray and many more.

It follows them through the trials and tribulations of balancing work life and personal life, set in the last few months before the house got shut down. 

One thing that surprised me was how in-depth the episodes were. They went in and talked about each individual’s families and struggles which all lead them to where they are now.

One story that got to me was Alex’s. Watching him visit his father’s gravesite, he emphasized talking about how he struggled with an abusive mother and how after his father passed away due to cancer, she fell into a deep addiction to alcohol. Having prior knowledge that his mother recently passed away due to kidney failure, watching that scene pulled at my heartstrings. 

Although they do go into a deep dive in each other’s struggles, the show dosen’t have a sad tone all the time. There was a part when a bunch of people got together at Chase Hudson’s house where they were playing a game, similar to truth or dare. Watching that scene was very fun and humorous to watch. It was just a bunch of people hanging out together and having a great time. 

The part that I found a little disappointing was all the drama surrounding Thomas and Chase. Thomas was upset with Chase because he decided to move into a new house by himself. I didn’t understand why everyone was making a big deal out of it, he was still a part of Hype House, just not living under the same roof.

I do understand that Thomas and everyone felt that he wasn’t pulling his weight, but Chase was also going off trying to become a successful musician, something that he always wanted to be.

All in all, I do believe that everyone in that house was very supportive towards Chase, I just feel they went at it in a little too aggressive of a way. 

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this show as much as I did, and I found myself connecting to the cast in a way, as I am around their  ages.

I would definitely recommend this show to people who find it thrilling to watch TV dramas. It definitely has some sad parts when they are talking about their own personal stories, but that’s what makes the whole show. 

“Hype House:” ★★★★☆