Chemistry student works on experiment

Perkins studies pasta and its starch content

What is your topic?

“The starch content of noodles and if that increases or decreases with the amount of time that you heat the noodles up for.”

What does your topic mean to you

I run for one of my sports and pasta is one of the foods that I eat a lot.  It’s not exactly the healthiest option to eat so if I reduce the amount of starch that will be healthier for me and make me run faster.”

What’s the process you’ll have to go through for your experiment?

“Well I have two experiments.  One of my experiments is at home.  I cook the noodles and then take out some of the water, let the water evaporate and then I mass the starch that’s left over.  And at school, again, heat up the noodles, take out the water after they are done heating up and then pour iodine in there and I have to use some app to like figure out the number.”

What inspired this experiment?

“Running and also my parents don’t really like having to eat pasta a lot so it’s basically just me eating it but if I can make the option healthier to eat too, that’d be really cool.”

Are you planning on pursuing the IB diploma?


What’s was your favorite part of IB Chemistry in the past year and a half?

This year, my favorite part is that I’m understanding it more and it is actually more interesting to me than what we did last year and it’s been actually planning the IA (internal assessment) because you get to pick something that you want to do and are interested in doing.”