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New science instructor adds to equation

Chemistry teacher Patrick Puskala uses his Macbook Pro to teach class Feb. 2.

Lukas Levin

February 2, 2018

The science department recently hired a new member to their staff, chemistry teacher Patrick Puskala. Puskala said arriving at Park was a jarring yet unique experience. “(Coming to Park) is kind of a shock, but I think it’s a nice place, (and) I like my students. I can’t say anything bad,”...

Chemistry labs accessible at home

Junior Chloee Thompson measures substance for an in class lab. Many chemistry labs are also accessible at home.

Alex Balfour, Yonah Davis, and Navjot Kaur

December 20, 2016

Junior Abdul Ibrahim enjoys participating in chemistry labs because they demonstrate class subjects in an interactive way. According to chemistry teacher Alexander Polk, many labs performed in class can be completed at home by anyone, not just a chemistry student. “If you are not in chemistry a...

Chemistry student works on experiment

Chemistry student works on experiment

Amaia Barajas, Malaika Bigirindavyi, and Lukas Levin

November 1, 2016

What is your topic? “The starch content of noodles and if that increases or decreases with the amount of time that you heat the noodles up for.” What does your topic mean to you “I run for one of my sports and pasta is one of the foods that I eat a lot.  It’s not exactly the healthie...

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