GSA meets to draft new policy

Club looking to expand gender inclusion at Park

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GSA meets to draft new policy

Maddie Lund and Delaney Wallerich

After meeting with Park’s superintendent Rob Metz, the Gender Sexuality Alliance’s (GSA) President Elise Bargman felt even more passionate about supporting her gender inclusion plan.

Bargman said she believes all Park students deserve an inclusive learning environment where their gender identity and expression is valued.

“St. Louis Park public schools ensure that all students have access to programs and facilities in which they feel comfortable and safe,” Bargman said.

According to Bargman, the new policy will aim to better incorporate all genders in terms of equity at school.

“This policy addresses the inequity some students including intersex, transgender, and gender nonconforming students confront as they navigate a system designed using a gender binary model,” Bargman said.

Bargman said the policy also intends to further faculty knowledge of gender pronoun respect.

“It’s mainly meant to figure out, to (define) terms for staff members related to the issue on making sure staff members make sure to honor students identity and expression by honoring their name pronouns that they identify with,” Bargman said.

GSA adviser Kyle Sweeney said she feels the meeting with Metz for the policy included productive conversation.

“There were a few questions he had for us and points the GSA wanted to talk about, and they had questions for him, and so it was a really good discussion,” Sweeney said.

According to Bargman, GSA hopes to continue having dialogue with administration about the policy.

The next GSA meeting will take place 8 a.m. Tuesday Dec. 13 in room B231

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