Many seniors still owe senior fee

Payment covers transcripts and other graduation costs

Yonah Davis, Yonit Krebs, and Amber Tran

Yonah Davis
Sophomore Savannah Romero enters the Counseling Office. Students should visit the office in room A205B to pay the senior fee.

Senior Jared Zirkes finds it troubling he didn’t know that the senior fee was also the $15 he payed for transcripts. Although Zirkes said he payed the fee, he believes it should be called a transcript fee to minimize confusion.

“That’s problematic that you’re a senior and you don’t know what the senior fee is. It can’t be a good sign,” Zirkes said.

Cheryl Broady in the Counseling Office said she would like to remind all seniors to pay the $15 senior fee as soon as possible.

“We mail home a letter every August along with other mailings that pertain to the seniors so they all should have received that letter and it spells it all out, the cost when it’s due and what it’s for,” Broady said.

According to Counseling Office documentation, this $15 fee covers mid-year and final transcripts mailed to post-secondary institutions. For athletes, this fee will also pay for mailing final National College Athletics Association (NCAA) reports to colleges.

The Counseling Office documentation said this fee also provides students applying for a scholarship the necessary documents and covers three official transcripts that may be sent to colleges. If a student wishes to obtain any additional transcripts, they cost $3 each.

“All high schools have a senior fee. When we set the monetary amount for the fee, we called around other districts to see what they charged. A lot of the schools were $20 and we came in lower than that at $15 to try and have it at a point where our students could meet that,” Broady said.

Although originally due Oct. 7, 2016, many seniors have yet to pay the fee. Therefore the Counseling Office asks all seniors to pay the fee so they can graduate. Students may pay in either cash or a check made out to St. Louis Park High School.

For more information or assistance visit the Counseling Office in the A2 hallway.