Orchestra program prepares for Halloween concert

Conductor encourages excitement for event among students

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Isaac Wahl

Miriam Edgar conducts fifth hour orchestra class.

Park is having a Halloween concert performed by the school’s orchestra program.According to orchestra director Miriam Edgar, the idea for the Halloween concert was brought to Park with her.

“My first year here there was no consistency and organization,” Edgar said. “We had to figure out a way to fundraise as much and as fast as possible.”

According to Edgar they still have some of the same fundraisers that they came up with eight years ago.

“This year we’re just doing a smaller raffle,” Edgar said. “We want to be able to give the community a break so that we’re not always asking for lots of money. We just want to be conscientious of not draining our community all the time.”

Edgar said she likes the inventiveness the holiday concert brings out in her students.

Getting to see the creativity from students is really fun, especially (because) they get to get dressed up too,” Edgar said.

According to Edgar, the concert is a nice break from the program’s usual repertoire.

“It’s nice because it’s a fun. (It’s a)  different concert from classical music. We’re going to do movie music mostly, and my job is just to help students learn, publicize it, and have fun.” Edgar said. “I think it’s a lighter concert.”

Freshman cellist Macy Martinson said she feels very excited for the Halloween concert.

“I think (the halloween concert is) going to be a very fun experience, and the costumes that we’re allowed to wear are going to be pretty fun,” Martinson said. “It’s a more engaging concert than some of the other ones.”

According to Martinson, the Pirates of the Caribbean is the most fun to play.

“I really like the Pirates of the Caribbean (piece) that we’re playing because I like the song, and it’s also the most challenging piece,” Martinson said.

Martinson said the pieces are her favorite part of the halloween concert.

“I really like the songs. I like playing the more popular songs, the spooky songs, and less of the symphonies,” Martinson said.

Edgar said she really appreciates the support the community has given her during her time as the orchestra director.

“I will say (though) that every time we’ve asked for help from the community, help has always come for students, which is beautiful,” Edgar said.

Edgar also explained the pieces that are being played and the level of difficulty they entail.

“We are playing Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, the theme from the Godfather, […] The hanging tree, which I was surprised (about the students picking it) because we’ve played it so much in the past […]”, Edgar said. “I actually started with our hardest piece first, which is Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s hemiola rhythm (in the song) that’s crazy. We’re going to be working on the easier stuff this week, now that we’ve gotten the tricky stuff out of the way.”

According to Edgar, the week of the Halloween concert will be very busy with all the fundraising happening.

“We also have a raffle that we’ll be doing during the concert, we also have a halloween costume contest for five (year olds) and under, and we also have one for k-8, which is kind of fun too because they get competitive,” Edgar said. “We not only have our chipotle fundraiser that monday, but park yogurt will be doing a fundraiser the night of our concert and we’ll be selling our coffee as well.”

Edgar said the concert usually attracts a younger audience than the other concerts throughout the year.

“We usually get a turn out with younger kids which is nice because it kind of builds the bridges between the (school) buildings, and the (music) programs,” Edgar said.

The concert will be held 7 p.m Thurs. Oct. 26 in the cafeteria.