Special Education volunteers with Feed My Starving Children

Field trip offers chance to venture outside classroom


Devin Raynor

Freshman Jasiah Tueed works with Para Professional Julie Wells to cut out instructions for making pumpkin seeds Nov. 1.

Yonit Krebs

According to Special Education teacher Alaina Martin, the Special Education classes visited Feed My Starving Children Oct. 12.

“We went to Feed My Starving Children for the afternoon, and we packed meals that went to the Dominican Republic,” Martin said.

Freshman Special Education student Amanda Donnay said her job at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) was scooping soy into the bags while packaging meals.

“I scooped soy and poured it in,” Donnay said.

Junior Olivia Mosby, who went to FMSC with the National Honor Society, said she performed a variety of jobs, including scooping soy, but what made the experience fun was knowing she was helping others.

“It’s really cool to go (to FMSC) because it’s obviously like fun and good team building opportunity, but at the same time you get to send food to people in countries that are less fortunate,” Mosby said.

Martin said she thought the students enjoyed the experience and change of pace the field trip brought.

“(It was a) good experience to do volunteering in the community, get out of the classroom a little bit and to have fun going on a field trip,” Martin said. “Our students have fun packing the bags and they know it is going to a good cause, and it is good work experience for them too, packing and kind of working in a job setting.”

Donnay said the best part of going to FMSC was tasting the meals the students packed.

“(I enjoyed) tasting it,” Donnay said. “It was good.”

Mosby said FMSC gives a presentation at the beginning so the group knows where their packed food will be sent.

“They do a little presentation at the beginning to give you background about where you are sending (food), like what country is it going to and why they need the food,” Mosby said.

According to Martin, depending on each student’s preference, they worked on different jobs.

“Some of our kids worked in the warehouse, and so they moved boxes and refilled the food bins, and some of our kids worked in scooping the ingredients and measuring the bags,” Martin said. “It just depended on what job you wanted to do there.”

According to the FMSC website, the Christian organization packs nutritional meals to send to malnourished children. For more information on volunteering opportunities, visit the FMSC website at www.fmsc.org.