Technology aids in learning

Students turn to technology for help with school


Carissa Prestholdt

Sophomore Kaia Myers looks at her school applications folder during passing time. She uses these applications to keep her school life organized.

Marta Hill

According to sophomore Aaron Ellingson, there are many apps for smartphones out there that students use for school and productivity.

“I have a whole folder (of apps for school) actually: Quizlet, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Translate, Google Slides, Google Sheets, PowerSchool, Schoology, Photomath and  Kahoot,” Ellingson said.

Sophomore Brandon Wetterlin said students use the app Quizlet for studying. Quizlet allows students to make study sets on whatever they need and provides a variety of features to help students study. Students can access Quizlet from their phones or from any internet-able device.

Wetterlin said Quizlet provides an escape from the typical methods of studying.

“There are different ways to study on (Quizlet). You can make flashcards, you can take tests or play games. It really makes (studying) less boring,” Wetterlin said.

According to Junior Cecelia Schmelzle, many teachers and teams set up Remind threads to keep students in the loop without giving either party access to the others information. Teachers and teams use Remind to remind students about upcoming assignments or tests and other important dates.

“I like being able to stay connected with school. My teachers can send out things via Remind, and if you forgot there was a test and they remind you (Remind is)really helpful,” Schmelzle said.

Many students use apps such as, Google Keeps, and Reminders to help them stay on top of everything they need to do. In these apps, you can make checklists, schedule times for tasks and set the app to remind students to accomplish what they need to.

Desmos is another common app that students and teachers use. You can graph equations, use it as a scientific calculator, or access classroom activities.

According to Ellingson there are a variety of apps out there to help students keep track of everything, and what makes the apps helpful is their ease of use.

“(The apps are easy to use) because I always have my phone on me, so whenever I need to check on something or work on anything (I can access it quickly),” Ellingson said.

Other apps used by students include Kahoot, Google Docs and Google Drive.