Student Council celebrates Park history

Group organizes pep fest for State-bound football team

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Student Council members Anna Wert and Hattie Kugler participate in a meeting Nov. 8 to prepare for upcoming pep fest in honor of the football team going to the State tournament.

Sophomore cornerback Jacob Brown said he is excited to be a part of the state qualifying football team and to attend the celebratory pep fest Friday Nov. 10th.

“I think it’s going to be really exciting, it’s going to be a lot fun having everyone together around for our first ever trip to State. It’s going to be a good way to celebrate, its gonna be a lot of fun bringing everyone together for it,” Brown said.

According to student council adviser Sarah Lindenberg the student council wanted to commemorate all teams and individual students who qualified for state.

“There were some student council members that reached out expressing interest in having one because it’s such a historic game for the football team,” Lindenberg said. “It was decided that we could have a pep fest on Friday to send them off. But then also celebrate the accomplishments of other athletes during the fall season.”

Senior Samyukta Yenamandra said this pep fest should be highly attended because students are invested in our football team.

“I’m really excited to help set up and I think the pep fest is going to be fun and I think more people are going to be more interested in coming to this (pep fest) because they care more about the football team going to State,” Yenamandra said.

According to Freshman Michael Boxley-Harmon the pep fest will include games for the team to play in order to energize the crowd.

“We decided that we should do games to commemorate us going to state for the first time in history and just have a fun time so we can get hype for the game on Saturday,” Boxley-Harmon said.

According to Lindenberg the council was enthusiastic about planning an event for the team.

“Students were really excited at the game when they won (on Friday). In response to that there was a lot of momentum and excitement from students and student council got ahold of that and tried to figure out what exactly would be a good approach for celebrating that,” Lindenberg said.

The pep fest will take place at 2:40 pm on Friday Nov. 10th in the old gym.