Scrunchies sold in Storiole


Grace Farley

Mama's Scrunchies sit in the display case inside the Storiole. They are sold for $3 each.

Amaia Barajas and Emma Yarger

According to senior Ramire Alowonle, ‘Mama’s Scrunchies,’ sold by senior Jade Labelle, are selling quickly from the Storiole and the Spirit Box.

“We have to get more (scrunchies) already. We just got them, so I think they’re doing really well,” Alowonle said. “We sell them in (the Storiole) and in the Spirit Box, and I think they are actually gone in the Spirit Box right now, and we only have two left (in the Storiole).”

Labelle said she enjoys seeing other students wearing the scrunchies her mom makes.

“I don’t usually make them. My mom likes making them. I like seeing the new ones that she comes up with because I think everyone likes wearing them and I like wearing them” Labelle said.

DECA adviser Sophia Ross said she supports student entrepreneurship because it benefits the community.

“One of the students’ job in the school store class is to come up with new product ideas and kind of stay in tune to what’s in trend,” Ross said. “We love supporting youth entrepreneurs (…) students coming up with ideas for current products in trend and also supporting other students in the school — we thought it would be a good mix.”

According to sophomore Zoe Kozlowski, the price of the scrunchies sold at the Storiole differ from prices of the scrunchies bought directly from Labelle.

“I think (the price) is reasonable. I think it could be cheaper, but I heard that you can buy it cheaper from her directly. I think the Storiole just jacked up the price so that they could make some money as well,” Kozlowski said.

Alowonle said the Storiole managers met with Labelle to agree on the price and quantity of the scrunchies sold in the Storiole.

“It’s split, so we buy them off of Jade, but she obviously is not just going to lose money — she has to make some sort of profit and so do we,” Alowonle said. “During fifth hour, the managers, Ms. Ross and Jade would sit down and talk about how many there needs to be made.”

Ross declined to comment on how much profit the Storiole makes on the scrunchies. She said products in the Storiole are marked up slightly but only to cover the expenses of the store.

“We make very little profit on any of the products because it’s an experience for students to run a business, however we do need to make a profit to support some other things that we do,” Ross said. “I would say on average all of our products in our store are marked up only 30 percent where most businesses will mark up anywhere between 100 and 200 percent.”

‘Mama’s Scrunchies’ are always available in the Spirit Box and at Storiole during fifth hour.