JSU elects new leaders

New co-presidents and vice presidents


Katie Hardie

Freshman Ella Roether gives her election pitch in front of JSU May 23. While her running mate was not present, Roether delivered her bid for the both of them. Roether, Toby Khabie, Noah Orloff, and Ruthie Posada all ran unopposed in the JSU elections for the 2019-2020 school year.

Elected as new co-president of the Jewish Student Union, junior Ruthie Posada said she is thrilled to take  on a new role as leader for the club.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity because I love JSU, I go every week, and it’s a fun opportunity for me to have a leadership position in the club,” Posada said.

Freshman Ella Roether said each person running presented a speech, and this year’s election voting was different.

“(Today) we just did the speech and then voting. If there are people running opposed or against other people, they write out the votes, but today nobody was running against anybody else so people raise their hands,” Roether said.

According to Jewish Student Union (JSU) adviser local Rabbi Tzvi Kufer, what he looks for in someone running for president is devotion and time to grow the club.

“Just dedication and commitment as well — people that are committed toward recruitment and to Judaism,” Kufer said.

Roether said she is content to be co-vice president for JSU next year.

“I’m really excited. I think me and Toby are really good friends and we work together really well, so I think it will be good,” Roether said.

Posada said current JSU president helped her consider running for president and is happy to have taken the opportunity.

“Our current president Leila encouraged me to take up the responsibility of president. I considered it a lot and I ultimately decided to run for president because it’s a really great leadership opportunity and I love JSU and learning about Judaism,” Posada said.

According to Roether, she plans to work on improving communication and involve more conversations about the issues happening in Israel.

“We want to have more guest speakers and we want to have more discussions about the current situations in Israel and we want to have communication be more fluid throughout everyone,” Roether said.

Kufer said the new JSU presidents are very devoted to the club and he is hopeful to see what they will plan to do next year for the club.

“I think they are very committed and dedicated members of JSU. They have always been. That’s why we are allowing them to run this year,” Kufer said. “They filled out applications and showed that they are committed next year to recruiting and making the club grow. I’m really excited about what they will bring to the table.”

Posada said she plans to hear more feedback from others and have discussions in which people would like to talk about.

“I’d like to have a more convenient way of communicating with the whole club, not that the way we communicate now is bad, but I’d also like to give a voice to more people in the club,” Posada said.