Park Spanish Immersion changes locations

Community reflects upon transferring facilities


Breanna Thompson

Senior Cecilia Brown dances during the Park Spanish Immersion goodbye party May 21. Park Spanish Immersion will move to Cedar Manor next school year.

Nebyu Bekele

Park Spanish Immersion School principal Corey Maslowski reflects and looks ahead to the school Cedar Manor.

“The school has had many great memories and (I’m) looking forward to what the new building has to offer,” Maslowski said.

According to Maslowski, the school changing locations will benefit the school in a new way.

“The school changing locations to a new place, brings new opportunities and allows for the school to gain new resources,” Maslowski said.

Maslowski said students are well informed of the new location the school will be transitioning to.

“We’ve been showing the students of Park Spanish Immersion School (PSI) pictures of what their new school is going to be like, and each student depending on their grade level have different reactions to it,” Maslowski said.

Senior Cecilia Brown feels emotional about her elementary school moving places. Brown said she got to walk through PSI and it brought back a lot of memories.

“Personally I don’t like the move because for me it feels like PSI is ending, but even though the school is changing locations, I know PSI will move on, and I know that the community itself will move on and join with other communities,” Brown said.

Senior Calvin Hatcher said he had a hard time facing the news of the school changing locations.

“I think that even though PSI deserves a better location, it’s still difficult to witness the move because of all the memories from the old building that’ll be left behind,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher explains why the location change will be advantageous for the school.

“As for the benefits, PSI’s old building is falling apart so having a new facility will be great for overall safety,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher explained his feelings when he heard the news of the school changing locations.

“My reaction was mostly shock and nostalgia when I heard about the news. (I) reminisced of my time at the school at the goodbye party event that was hosted.”