Juniors perform for a cause

Leo Dworsky, Amara Foner build on musical experience


Emmy Pearson

Juniors Leo Dworsky and Amara Foner perform Aug. 24 at the Three One Six Bar + Grill. Dworsky sang covers and played piano, while Foner played cello.

Sofia Seewald, Emmy Pearson, and Annica Schultz

After hearing juniors Leo Dworsky and Amara Foner perform Aug. 24 at Three One Six Bar + Grill, junior Megan Raatz said she was astounded people her age were already performing in a public setting. 

“It was (a) unique (experience) for me because both of the people performing I know very well, and that makes it so much more enjoyable and so much more cool because they’re my age and they’re performing to crowds already,” Raatz said. 

Dworsky sang covers of songs and played the piano and Foner accompanied Dworsky with the cello, ocarina and piano.

The concert raised money for Fraser, an influential non-profit Dworsky said has impacted him tremendously. 

“The proceeds went to Fraser. It’s an amazing organization and they help people with special needs,” Dworsky said. “What made me want to do the performance was Fraser has been an organization that has meant a lot to me and done a lot of services for me, so I wanted to give back by doing this.”

According to Foner, several family members and close friends came to support her, along with many people she had never met who came to donate and enjoy the music.

“There (were) a good amount of people here and everyone was invested in coming,” Foner said. “A bunch of people I knew came and I was happy to see their faces, and also people I had no idea existed (came too).”

Dworsky said he and Foner worked together to create the set list. 

“My amazing accompanist Amara Foner and I rehearsed a lot in my garage and it has been really fun, and I set out to sing and play the piano and have an accompanist do it with me, so I feel like my expectations (were) reached,” Dworsky said.

According to Foner, she was nervous to perform in her own concert, however, she said this experience taught her a lot about confidence.

“I would definitely do this again,” Foner said. “I always thought (I was) not good enough to do something like this. I’ve learned because of my wide range of instruments and because I work on them all individually, doing things like this, (I know) I can focus and play well.”

According to Raatz, it is important to support other students in their aspirations.

“I think it’s really cool that people from our school are performing and getting out there because we have some very talented individuals,” Raatz said.