Birdfeeder expands impact on Park

Clothing Closet offers students clothing, personal care items


Emily Ziessman

Senior and Clothing Closet manager Hayden Haase hangs a dress Oct. 28 in the recently opened Clothing Closet. Students can come in during third hour to pick out clothes for free.

Molly Schochet and Isra Mohamed

In order to prevent worry about access to basic necessities such as food, Birdfeeder supervisor Sophia Ross said the Birdfeeder works to relieve students of this stress.

“Our school is either at 34% or 35% free or reduced lunch. When I’m hungry, I can’t get my mind off food until I get it, so that’s why it’s so important for the (Birdfeeder) service to be offered to our students and families,” Ross said. “They’re ready to come to school to learn, not think about food or their next meal.”

Birdfeeder is expanding to include a place for students to access clothes and personal care items called the Clothing Closet. According to junior Hope Kihanya, a manager of the Clothing Closet, many different people can donate.

“We have people donate that go to the school (and people) come in and just bring random items,” Kihanya said.

According to Ross, the Clothing Closet is basically a thrift store on Park Campus.

“(The Clothing Closet is) a free store for students to come in and shop at, like a Goodwill, inside our school. Students are setting it up in B220 and it will be open during third hour, (and) possibly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings be- fore class starts,” Ross said. “What we need is other teenagers to bring clothes that no longer fit them.”

Kihanya said the Clothing Closet is a necessity for students who don’t have access to necessary items.

“The Clothing Closet is a place where people without resources can come and get personal care items for themselves,” Kihanya said.

Senior Hayden Hasse, who is another manager of the Clothing Closet, said it benefits and doesn’t embarrass students who are in need.

“I like it, because it’s an anonymous way for students to pick up clothes for free,” Hasse said.