‘Wasted! The Story of Food Waste’ shown to educate city

Documentary focuses on food disposal issue


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Sofie Geretz

“WASTED! The Story of Food Waste”, a documentary about food disposal and food waste, had a free showing 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Nov. 13 at the Lenox Community Center.

According to senior Yoni Potter, “WASTED! The Story of Food Waste” helps to educate people on the issue of food waste and food disposal options.

“It’s really important that people know about the issue of food waste and they are able to make informed decisions on whether they compost or how they decide to deal with that,” Potter said.

According to senior Brandon Wetterlin, having a showing of “WASTED! The Story of Food Waste” in St. Louis Park spreads awareness on wasted food and the food disposal method to people who are able to make a change.

“It’s is a very important thing. Making sure a lot of people see (the issue), maybe not even the students or parents seeing it, but the people who determine stuff for the school,” Wetterlin said. “That will be a good help in raising awareness because it (can get to) people that actually do something.”

According to Wetterlin, he does not approve of how Park disposes of their food, since they do not use compost to reduce waste, an issue brought up through the documentary.

“The school doesn’t have a way to reduce waste at all. They don’t have a compost, which costs money, but it shouldn’t be that much money in the grand scheme of things if they’re adding a turf field already next year and doing all these other (changes),” Wetterlin said.

Potter said food disposal is not the only prevalent environmental issue right now and all of the issues should be dealt with in some way, the documentary being a starting point.

“As climate change is becoming a serious issue, there are lots of other environmental impacts that we need to make sure that we’re taking care of the earth and doing everything we can globally,” Potter said.

For more information on the documentary, visit http://www.wastedfilm.com/.