Second term of Action Thursday begins

Action Thursday allows students to try new things


Ari Lissauer

Freshman Ryan Moran, Owen Mccolgon, Kellen Haller, and Jacob Balcos act out a scene during their improve comedy action Thursday april 7. The improv comedy class is run by Emily Renhak.

Ari Lissauer

As Park begins its second term of Action Thursday, senior Whitman Christopher said he enjoys Action Thursdays because he gets to learn Something different than usual, but it varies from person to person. 

“It depends on the type of person you are but in my opinion, it’s a good thing to have because you get to learn a new skill,” Christopher said. 

Civics teacher Emily Rehnak, whose Action Thursday is improv comedy, said she specifically enjoyed last Thursday because they got to be creative together and she got to meet lots of new people.

“Last Thursday was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of people who I’ve never met before, and we just got to be creative together,” Renhak said.

Freshman Ryan Moran said he likes to have a daily schedule, but also likes to change things up sometimes and try new things.

“I like routines but sometimes it’s fun when you switch it up,” Moran said.” With Action Thursday’s it’s been a fun experience trying new things.” 

Renhak said she likes the uniqness of Action Thursdays and it’s a good change from what the normal school routine is.

“I like how we have a chance to experiment and do something new that doesn’t necessarily fit in with our normal school curriculum,” Renhak said.

Moran said it was hard trying out improv comedy, but said it was a good experience overall.

“Improv comedy is tough to get used to, but it’s cool to try new things and hangout with friends,” Moran said.

If you haven’t signed up for action Thursday yet, you go to the auditorium and they sign you up for one.