Student Council plans prom

Club begins process of organizing dance


Lex Lee

Teacher Valerie Weaver tells students about ideas for prom March 16. Prom tickets can be purchased starting April 10th.

Maren Wilsey and Johanna Kaplan

As Park heads into the final months of the school year, Student Council kicked off the planning for prom at their meeting March 16. Senior and Student Council co-president Micah Davis said the first round of planning was very successful. 

“The meeting was very productive,” Davis said. “We were able to come up with a broad idea of what we want for decorations and spirit week, and hopefully a decision on the prom theme.”

Student Council advisor Kaelyn Dagon said it’s important to be thoughtful when mapping out an event like this.

“We’re kicking off our first official prom planning meeting,” Dagon said. “We really want to be really organized and get advertisements out early and just provide a really special prom event for juniors and seniors this year.”

Davis said the Student Council is working to make this year special. 

“We have a really good venue this year that is going to be a lot different from last year and past years,” Davis said. “(We also have) a new theme. But besides that, it’ll be pretty similar to past years.”

Dagon said her favorite part of advising the group is watching the students take initiative and organize. 

“What I like as one of the staff advisors is really seeing the students get creative,” Dagon said. “I just love seeing the Student Council think outside of the box, get really excited about planning the various events that Student Council puts together.”

According to Davis, prom is one of the year’s highlights and it is exciting to see it come to life.

“My favorite thing about planning prom activities is just seeing how excited everyone gets,” Davis said. “When talking about prom, it’s a good feeling, thinking about the end of the school year and one more school dance to kind of wrap it all up.”

According to freshman Asa Bombsta, though he is too young to attend prom, the club’s collaborative environment allows him to contribute to the conversation. 

“I like to have a say in what we do,” Bombsta said. “I can’t go to the dance, so I would say I’m most excited for the pep fest.”

According to Davis, each member of Student Council plays a role in planning.

“We have a bunch of committees with different jobs,” Davis said. “We have a pep fest committee, a decorations committee, an advertising and spirit promo committee, and they all focus in on a few things for prom.”

Seeing it all come together on the big day is something to look forward to, according to Dagon. 

“I am really excited to see all the juniors and seniors dressed up at prom,” Dagon said. “As the 12th grade Achievement Support Coordinator, I’ve gotten really close with the class of 2023, so I’m really excited to see them on their big day.”