Senior decision day

Celebrating the class of 2023

Abby Meisler

As the class of 2023 approaches graduation, May 11 was decision day where many students wore shirts of the college they are attending next fall. The seniors and some staff went outside to the track to take pictures and celebrate their future plans. 

Many of the seniors enjoyed seeing where their peers ended up and celebrated getting through their past four years. Senior Alana Weiser said she thought it was exciting to see their class finally coming to the end.

“I did have a good decision day,” Weiser said. “It was exciting to see where everyone’s going and that we’ve all made it as a class through it all.”

Physics teacher Daniel Ruzek said he thought it was nice to see the seniors together and recognize their progress.

“It’s nice when they come together and have a common goal, common interests or pursuit,” Ruzek said. “It’s nice when they all show a little bit of solidarity.”

Alana Weiser said one of her deciding factors was pushing herself to go to a school where she didn’t already know a lot of people.

“The deciding factor was based on how many people I knew at the school. And my other option I would have known a lot of people and I kind of wanted to try something new,” Weiser said. “So that’s why I’m going to Miami University.”

Izzy Nathan said her commitment to the University of Wisconsin-Madison was an easy decision  for her.

“I didn’t apply to that many schools and when it really came down to choosing between the schools, it was between cost and sort of close to home,” Nathan said. “The only schools I applied to that sort of fit both of those categories and what I wanted was Madison.”

Although some seniors had an easy decision, Weiser said her decision to go to University of Miami Ohio was a difficult one.

“It was a little bit hard because I had so many choices, but then again,that’s a good thing,” Weiser said. “It was hard to decide which ones are the best because I’m very indecisive.”

The seniors’ last day at Park is June 2 and their graduation is June 6.