Financial assistance provides opportunity

Six seniors awarded Wallin scholarship


Caedon Exsted

Kara Mueller pictured talking to Park senior Angel Aguilar Salazar about the Wallin scholarship. Park seniors were recently presented the Wallin scholarship for the college of their choice.

Caedon Exsted

With the end of school nearing and seniors deciding their future plans, Wallin Education Partners recently awarded the Wallin scholarship.

Recipient and senior Nev Dobyne said the scholarship was a pleasant surprise.

“I wasn’t expecting to win the scholarship,” Dobyne said. “It was something I had low hopes for. The surprise of getting it alone was probably the best part.”

Senior Kevin Martinez Herrera said receiving the scholarship meant that financial burdens were taken off his shoulders.

“Receiving the scholarship meant that I didn’t have to worry about a financial burden as much,” Martinez Herrera said. “The scholarship would help me financially so that took my worry off of money in a way and I could save that money for other college costs.”

Dobyne said winning the Wallin scholarship motivated them to start looking at other scholarship options.

“It motivated me to start applying to other scholarships and keep that motivation towards paying for my post-secondary education,” Dobyne said.

Senior counselor Kara Mueller said the biggest joy is seeing the stress taken off the seniors. 

“Many know they’re going to get $16,000 over four years or if they do the two year Wallin they’re going to get $6-8,000,” Mueller said. “So I love seeing students have less stress.”

Dobyne said the scholarship comes with assistance outside of the financial aspect

“I’m really happy for the support that it’s going to come with,” Dobyne said. “It comes with advisors and stuff like that, that have helped me through the college process.” 

Martinez Herrera said he is excited for what the future holds.

“What I am most excited about right now is starting a new chapter of my life after completing four years of high school and just looking back at it and waiting what the future holds for me,” Martinez Herrera said.

Mueller said she is excited to see these scholarships contribute towards students being able to reach their college goals.

“Knowing that their college goals are going to be attained, that payment for them is supporting their own personal goals,” Mueller said.