Pancakes with Paddock

Principal Paddock hosts the annual principal’s breakfast


Hanna Wilsey

Superintendent Osei address students at the Principal Award breakfast. The breakfast was to honor students graduating with a 4.0 GPA or the IB diploma.

Hanna Wilsey

On May 25, Principal LaNisha Paddock hosted Park’s annual breakfast to honor seniors graduating with a 4.0 GPA or the IB diploma. Students received a golden tassel to symbolize a 4.0 GPA and those who earned the IB diploma were awarded a stole for their graduation gowns.

According to Paddock, the breakfast is a way to honor students for their hard work and accomplishments during their high school career.

“It demonstrates the brilliance that we have within our school district and we need to continue to celebrate students and their successes,” Paddock said.

Senior Greta Runyan said there were challenges that coincide with the IB diploma, including balancing the rigorous coursework with extracurriculars. 

“The classes are all extremely difficult and it’s hard not to get burned out,” Runyan said. “It’s also a struggle to keep up with the work outside of class.”

Paddock said the IB diploma program was important because it opened doors for the future.

“Students with the diploma can receive college credit and recognition from their post-secondary school choices,” Paddock said. “Really, any student could be sitting in these seats.”

According to senior Isaac Israel, a 4.0 GPA represents all of his hard work after completing high school amidst a global pandemic.

“It was really difficult trying to get used to learning online the same way we used to learn in person,” Israel said. “Without the pressure of being in school, it was hard to stay motivated.”

Senior Fiona Shaack said there were many challenges associated with maintaining her 4.0 GPA. 

“Communicating with teachers and making sure I was really understanding the curriculum was the biggest challenge,” Shaack said.

According to Paddock, graduating with a 4.0 is a huge achievement because it sets up students’ futures. 

“A 4.0 GPA is a testimony of a student’s hard work,” Paddock said. “It is something they will be able to take with them as they continue with their post-secondary plans.” 

According to Israel, the best advice for students is to work hard and get involved.

“It can be extremely beneficial to choose extracurriculars that relate to the field you are hoping to enter in college,” Israel said. “Your hard work will pay off.”