Park choir brings audience back to the ‘90s

Choir finishes year off with POPS concert and senior solos

Jesse Belen and Modesty Manion

Park’s choir said farewell to the 2022–23 school year and its graduating seniors with the last performance of the year, a ‘90s-themed POPS (a themed concert where pop culture music is played) concert and a senior recital on May 31.

Senior Fiona Long said the show was an exciting way to end the year. She also said how enjoyable it was.

“It was really fun, the POPS concerts are always a good time,” Long said. “People got to do their ‘90s solos, and got to shine in different ways. It’s our most fun concert out of all of them, and then we get to do the senior recital so that’s a blast.”

Choir director John Myszkowski said it’s important for the students to have a voice when it comes to music. He said it’s good to look into songs you might not have heard before. 

“(They picked their own songs) because of the student voice and it’s also from music of a certain decade,” Myszkowski said. “It’s good for them to actually explore and research songs that you may not have heard of and then to come to an agreement about what we would sound best at.”

The POPS portion of the performances was ‘90s-themed, both in song choice and attire. Junior Nick Green said most of the ensemble tried to fit the dress code.

“I’m not sure everyone fit the clothes, but we tried, we did our research,” Green said.

The second half of the concert, the senior recital, featured various seniors singing solos, as well as singing in a chorus of all students that lettered. Long said that although it was a bit out of her comfort zone, her solo was a success.

“It was good, I wouldn’t say I’m a soloist normally, but I thought I would do one because it’s my senior year,” Long said. “I was really nervous, but it was nice and I knew all my friends were in the audience, so that was cute.”

Myszkowski said the senior solos exceeded expectations.

“The soloists were great — some of the strongest ones I have ever had,” Myszkowski said. 

Green expressed how disappointing it is that there is a lot of talent leaving the program.

“It sucks that we’re losing our seniors because there are some really good ones,” Green said.

Myszkowski said he is worried about the amount of senior sopranos graduating. He said he will miss the seniors as well. 

“I’m going to miss them, but the good thing with them is that there are only eight of them,” Myszkowski said. “But I know they have a large number of sopranos that are going. The tenors and basses are returning next year and so are altos, so that part I’m not as worried about, it’s just the amount of sopranos I’m worried about.” 

As a senior herself, Long said she is going to miss the community she found in Park choir. 

“I’m bummed, high school choir has been an experience,” Long said. “I have a lot of people I really love in (choir) and it’s sad.”