Closing a chapter of my life via Zoom


Sofie Geretz

When quarantine first began, I hadn’t fully realized its implications on my end of senior year events. I didn’t realize it would significantly impact the format of my very last Jewish Youth Group convention.

I have been a part of the Jewish Youth Group NCSY since sixth grade. When I got to high school, I became a lot more active, becoming a part of my chapter’s board and this year becoming chapter president. I always dreamed of my last NCSY convention, where seniors get awards, have a special event and get to share their most impactful NCSY experiences. It is supposed to be a meaningful send-off, where seniors get to say goodbye to NCSY and reflect on their growth over the years.

Virtual events can create closure

Because of COVID-19, this final convention will now take place online over the course of three days, consisting of five Zoom calls. I was very upset when I found out about this, but I understand that it is for the safety of everyone involved, which is by far the most important consideration.

Although an online convention won’t be anything like the convention would be in person, NCSY is doing its very best to make sure it is still a positive experience. To make it feel more tangible, they are sending out packages to everyone with NCSY regalia. They are changing a few things that do not translate well to an online format but are trying to keep a lot of events as close to the actual traditions as possible.

I’m still disappointed that my last NCSY convention won’t be able to take place in person, but I am grateful that NCSY found a way to make it still happen despite everything that’s happening during this pandemic. NCSY is still trying to make it special for the seniors, which I appreciate. I will be going into the convention with an open mind, and I will still make sure that closing this six-year chapter of my life will still be just as meaningful and I will get the proper closure.