My Crumbl experience

A deeper look into the Crumbl workplace


Caedon Exsted

Sophomore Alex Keekley orders Crumbl cookies June 1. Crumbl cookies is a luxury cookie brand.

Caedon Exsted

Many students have jobs and personally, I know a significant amount that don’t love them. Back in December I found myself feeling the same way. I had recently started working at Crumbl Cookies last Dec. and initially, I was feeling very good about my job but soon came to realize that looks can be very deceiving. With many jobs, finding the perfect one is hard but with Crumbl I felt I had finally found the one. Little did I know, months later I would not feel the same. 

Crumbl Cookie is a very unique place to work. Lots of bright lights and pink all over made the vibe always feel super light and happy. Unlike other jobs where it is darker and more gloomy, Crumbl took a much better approach. Although the good vibe and pink walls sound fun, the management was not so much fun. With the fun environment and the bad management, I was contradicted in my feelings. Eventually, this made it hard for me to enjoy work. 

With bad management and less and less interest in working, it started to become harder to work. Frosting cookies and assembling cookies for hours on end was not the most enjoyable thing to do. On the bright side though, making money is something that I do enjoy. Being able to buy my own things and eat out is always a nice thing. Eventually, my manager stopped scheduling me at all. Even though I was still asking for time in our company app. This was my last straw, about a month after this incident, I decided to quit. 

Overall, the job itself was fun while it lasted. The free cookies were the best part. But the management at Crumbl is something I personally do not recommend getting involved with. The lack of communication and lack of scheduling is always hard to deal with. 

Most of my jobs have been a journey, but recently I have been hired and I am now working at Target Field in the Champions Club. This is definitely my favorite job that I’ve ever had. The fact that I deeply enjoy baseball and am a huge Minnesota Twins fan makes it all the better.