Anticipation to drive

Students experiences ‘taking their drivers tests’


Owen Mccolgan

Sophomore Fisher Christopher practicing for his drivers test May 30. Christopher is hoping to pass his test which he will take soon.

Throughout this school year, many sophomores have gotten the opportunity to take their drivers license test. According to sophomore Henry Berg, he was stoked to get his license and said it was a big coming-of-age moment in his life.

“I was so relieved,” Berg said. “I was ready for the next chapter in my life and I was super happy about it and I gained more freedom.”

Sophomore Ryan Moran said the best way to prepare for your test was to spend a lot of time online and practicing right before your test.

“The week before I went to the school parking lot and did some 90 degree back-ins and parallel parking,” Moran said. “There’s also videos on YouTube that helped a lot and gave a lot of information.”

Sophomore Tanner Halley said if he ever had to take his test again he would slow down and stay more calm.

“I’d probably take my time more, not just drive and not think about it that much,” Halley said.

Berg said to prepare for his test he did a lot of driving and parking the week of his test.

“To prepare for my test I did a lot of parking and went to many different parking lots and I would set up some cones to help me practice parking,” Berg said. “I also did a lot of driving around.”

Sophomore Max Olson said advice he would give to someone who is about to take their test would be to not get too hung up on it.

 “Don’t sweat it too much,” Olson said. “Because if you make it a big deal and you tell everybody about it, it’s way worse if you end up failing like me.”

Moran said he was very nervous for his test and he made some mistakes but he still ended up passing.

“I was so nervous that my leg was shaking on the gas pedal,” Moran said. “I did hit a corner during the 90 degree back-in but I still passed.” 

Halley said when he failed his test he wasn’t so mad and was ready to pass his next try.

“I wasn’t too upset about it,” Halley said. ”I knew I could retake it in a week and I did and I passed. So it wasn’t too much of a big deal but (I was) a little disappointed when I failed the first time.”

Olson said he was not happy with himself when he failed his test but knew what he had to do for next time to pass.

“I was disappointed,” Olson said. “But then I knew what I needed to work on and where I messed up and ended up passing my second try.”