The stress of finals week

Park heads into its final week of the school year


Sophomore Jacob Balcos studies for finals June 7. Students at Park got ready for a big week of finals testing.

With the school year coming to a close, many students have been feeling the pressure finals come with and have been stressing to try and find time to study.                        

Sophomore Jacob Balcos said it takes an entire week to help him prepare for all his tests.

“I like to use the week before finals,” Balcos said. “And especially the couple of days before finals to study in school or outside of school to prepare and get ready for them.”

I wish I had paid more attention in class and stayed on top of my work.

— Bennett Anderson

Sophomore Bennett Anderson said paying attention in class is the key to success.

“I wish I had paid more attention in class and stayed on top of my work,” Anderson said. “ I would have had a more successful semester.”

Sophomore Hayden Kasica said the part that stresses him out the most about finals is how much it affects his grade.

“The most stressful part is the fact that it has such a big impact on your final grade, but it covers the entire year,” Kasica said. “So it’s a lot of material in a short period of time to be such a big part of your grade. It’s hard work.”

Sophomore Ryan Moran said being a student athlete makes finals much more difficult for him.

“For games we don’t get home until about 10,” Moran said “Then after grinding and staying up late to get some math notes done, it’s not fun waking up the next day. And it’s really difficult on your body and mental state.”

Balcos said the most stressful part of finals is going from test to test at the end of the school year.

“I would say the day of finals (is stressful) because some teachers jump right from a summative test — from a different unit — right into studying for the finals,” Balcos said. “ That can cause some stress on students.”